Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamins are an essential part of our lives, we need them to many body functions and without them we simply can’t be alive. There are many types of vitamins and we need to get proper levels of them in order to stay healthy. There are times however when we run the risk of having deficiencies of certain types of vitamins.

The symptoms will vary according to each type as you will see in this site. These deficiencies most of the time are present at crucial moments in our life. For example you will find that children and pregnant women are at risk of developing certain deficiencies because they have higher requirements.

We invite you to learn all about the different types of vitamin deficiencies and symptoms in this site. Feel free to browse our sections to learn more about vitamins and potential problems and if you have a comment or suggestion, don’t hesitate dropping us a line. We love hearing about you!

Common Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin A Deficiency. Symptoms include loss of appetite, insomnia, fatigue, acne, certain types of allergies, burning and itchy eyes, dry skin problems, reduction of steroid synthesis, reduce sensitivity to smells, night blindness, impaired growth, higher risk of cancer development and impaired immune system functions.

Vitamin B Complex Deficiency. Symptoms include loss of appetite, anemia, acne, depression, a darker tone in the color of the tongue, bad breath, high cholesterol, anxiety, circulation problems, digestive problems, hypertension hair problems (dry scalp and loss of hair), insomnia, muscular pain on the legs, nervousness and dry skin.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency. Symptoms include fatigue, memory problems, depression, confusion, nervousness, anemia, irritability, weakness in limbs, trouble walking, body odor, digestive problems, eye disorders and hallucinations.

Vitamin C Deficiency. Symptoms include bleeding gums, easy bleeding and bruising, dental cavities, stress, blood clots, poor wound healing capabilities, trouble breathing (it becomes shallow), weak cartilages and anemia.

Vitamin D Deficiency. Symptoms include rickets, poor bone and muscular strength, burning in throat and mouth, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, diarrhea, eye problems, nervousness, a paler skin tone and poor metabolism.

Vitamin E Deficiency. Impotency, slow healing of tissues, enlarged prostate gland, dryness on scalp and hair loss, gastrointestinal disease, poor blood circulation, muscular fatigue, sterility and miscarriages in pregnant women.

Vitamin K Deficiency. Symptoms include bone weakness, poor blood clotting, high levels of glucose, hemorrhagic disease of the newborn, spontaneous bleeding.

Preventing Deficiency Symptoms

Life's Essential Plus

Life's Essential Plus

The solution to avoid vitamin deficiency problems is very simple actually.  You need to provide your body the vitamins it needs to continue its healthy functions.  Ideally, you should have a diet that provides you all this, but there are cases when this is impossible – specially because of higher vitamin needs and change in diet.

In those cases, taking vitamin supplements is the solution.  A multivitamin I have found very effective to avoid deficiency problems is Life’s Essentials Plus.  Besides giving you all the necessary vitamins, it contains natural supplements, powerful antioxidants and high quality vegetable and fruit complex.

A high quality multivitamin such as this one will ensure you maintain good health all along the way. If you are a vegan, a pregnant or lactating women, it is essential that you take a vitamins supplements as you run a greater risk of developing the mentioned symptoms.

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